Development of efficient power transmission is the need of the hour to alleviate the burgeoning demands of today’s power utilities system. Our Power Conductors are manufactured with a range of specialty alloys which offer superior thermal resistance that improves the efficiency in high current transmission. As these new generation conductors enhance the current carrying capacity, they are favourable for use in reconductoring as well as new lines. This provides the user high corridor intensity and reduces congestion in existing lines.


Our wide variety of conductors are manufactured with the best state-of-the-art technology


AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductors)-Several layers of aluminium alloy (generally Al-Mg-Si) stranded in concentric layers. Designed using a high strength aluminium – Magnesium- Silicon Alloy to achieve a high strength-to-weight ratio; affords excellent sag-tension characteristics, and superior corrosion resistance when compared with ACSR.

As compared to a conventional ACSR conductor, the lighter weight, comparable strength & current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses and superior corrosion resistance have given AAAC a wide acceptance in the distribution and medium & high voltage transmission lines.


AAC conductor is also known as aluminium stranded conductor. These conductors consist of several layers of aluminium wires stranded of hard drawn 1350 aluminum concentrically. AAC are manufactured from electrolytically refined aluminium with a minimum purity of 99.7%. AAC conductors are used in low, medium and high voltage overhead lines.


Aluminium Conductor Alloy reinforced (ACAR) is formed by concentrically stranded wires of Aluminium 1350 and high strength Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon (AIMgSi) alloy core. The number of wires of each depends on the cable design. The typical design comprises a stranded core of AIMgSi alloy strands but in certain cable constructions, the wires of AIMgSi alloy strands can be in layers throughout the Aluminium 1350 strands.


Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR), also known as Bare aluminium conductors, are one of the most widely used conductors for transmission. The conductor consists of one or more layers of aluminium wires stranded over a high strength steel core that can be single or multiple strands depending on the requirement. There can be various stranding combinations of Al and steel wires lending flexibility to obtain suitable current carrying capacity and mechanical strength for the application.


Aluminium Conductors, Aluminium Clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AS or ACSR/AW) are concentrically stranded conductors with one more layer of hard drawn 1350-H19 aluminium wires on Aluminium Clad steel wire core. The core can be single wire or stranded depending on the size.


AACSR is a concentrically stranded conductor composed of one or more layers of Aluminium -Magnesium -Silicon Alloy wire stranded around a high strength coated steel core. The core can be of either single wire or stranded multi wire. AACSR is available with steel core of Class A, B or C galvanizing or Aluminium clad (AW).

Additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the core or infusion of the complete conductor with grease.


ACCC®  Conductor consists of a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core which is wrapped with trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands. The high strength structural core carries most of the conductor’s mechanical load, while the fully annealed aluminum strands carry all of the conductor’s electrical current. ACCC® Conductor’s composite core is much lighter and stronger than conventional or high-strength steel core


ACSS conductor consists of fully annealed strands of aluminium around a stranded steel core. In appearance, ACSS conductors are essentially identical to standard ACSR conductors. ACSS is typically available in “Standard Round Strand” construction or “Trapezoidal Aluminium Wire” construction with equal area or equal diameter to conventional round wire construction. The steel core may be of High Strength (HS), Extra High Strength (EHS), Ultra High Strength (UHS) steel, mischmetal or aluminium Clad Steel core.


These are homogenous alloy conductors of Aluminium + Magnesium + Silica Alloy type. These conductors have a conductivity of 59% and hence have lesser DC resistance and higher current carrying capacity


Eco Series conductors consists of trapezoidal shaped special aluminium alloy containing magnesium, silicon and copper stranded with round core. The trapezoidal shape provides upto 96% compactness


Sterlite® Super Thermal Alloy Conductor Invar Reinforced (STACIR) conductor has outer layers composed of Super Thermal Aluminium (STAL) alloy wires that can operate up to 210˚C. The inner core is composed of aluminium clad INVAR wires. INVAR is a metal alloy with 36% Ni in steel.


Sterlite® Sterlite Thermal-resistant Aluminium-alloy Conductor, Steel Reinforced (TACSR) conductors are high ampacity conductors, wherein the inner core is composed of galvanized steel and the outer layers are composed of thermal-resistant aluminium–alloy.

Gap-Type Super Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced (GTACSR/GZTACSR)

Gap-type aluminum conductor steel reinforced (GZTACSR) uses heat-resistant aluminum over a steel core. A small annular Gap is maintained between a high-strength steel core and the first layer of aluminum alloy strands. The gap between the first layer trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands and the steel core is filled with high thermal resistant grease.