Power Cable is an electrical cable consisting of one or more electrical conductors, held together with an overall sheath. Power cables are mainly used for power transmission and distribution. Sterlite Power’s Integrated Power Cable manufacturing facility in Haridwar supplies Medium Voltage, High Voltage and Extra High Voltage cables.

Apart from conventional power cables, Sterlite Power has many products like FIPC, High ampacity, Low Loss, CDD and other power cables


Sterlite Power manufactures India’s most superior quality power cables from its state of the art manufacturing facility at Haridwar.

Sterlite Power strongly believes in the importance of input quality and process emphasis for superior output. The power cables are manufactured with the best raw materials in the industry and are approved by major approving bodies and leading consultants. They have been fully type tested as per applicable IS and IEC standards.

Further, they are also certified for quality and endurance under several international accreditation programmes including the ‘Dow inside’ Partnership Programme. This consistent quality benchmarking has led major private and public utilities, industries and major EPCs to choose Sterlite Power cables. It is the only Indian company whose products are certified for their quality and endurance by ‘Dow Inside partnership’ programme.

The optical fiber inside the power cables enables easy monitoring and maintenance in the transmission and distribution network, thereby ensuring network reliability. These cables adhere to global standard and follow stringent quality control processes.