Our culture is fast-paced, ambitious, empowering, achievement-oriented and purposeful. We aim to ensure complete alignment with our core purpose of “Empowering Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery”, and with our core values of Innovation, Respect, Social Impact and Fun.


At Sterlite Power, achieving our core purpose of “Empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery” through our work pushes us ever forward. Each of us take pride in our work and relentlessly pursue the dream of lighting up every home and life across the world. Many members of our team also experience opportunities to travel and personally witness the change for themselves.

Driven by a Core Purpose

At Sterlite Power, we are driven and united by a strong sense of purpose of “Empowering humanity by solving the toughest challenges of the energy delivery”. Our employees know that their work have a direct impact on the lives of millions, creating a better world.

Embracing Diversity

At Sterlite Power, we embrace diversity of thoughts and experiences. We consciously recruit the best talent across diverse industries offering individuals the opportunity to share their unique perspective. Almost 30% of our workforce today comes from diverse backgrounds.

“Powered” by Innovation

Solving the toughest challenges often entails taking the path less treaded. Our culture of innovation powers us on to execute challenging projects within the constraints of Space, Time and Costs. We provide a work environment where “Innovation is a new way today”..

“Charged” in a High Growth Environment

We are a young organization with bold ambitious plans. We offer fast growth opportunities by providing challenging work early in your career. We strongly believe in “Empowering individuals to learn and Grow, and teams to win”.

Thriving in a Vibrant Place to Work

Our Workplace is energetic, action packed, fast paced and loads of fun. We collaborate across the organisation with transparent and courageous communication where “Red is Good”, and our actions are deeply rooted in Trust!


Sudipta Chakraborty
Sudipta Chakraborty
Bidding & Tendering

" I am happy to be a part of this organisation which is Certified as a Great Place to Work and I have had the opportunity to learn many new things. The innovative mindset in this company encourages us to think out-of-the-box and bring out the best in us. I have been a part of many tenders which were quoted for the first time and how these new projects have helped in boosting the growth of the company filling me with confidence and happiness. Wish to be an integral part of the growth journey of this company"

Gaurav Chauhan
Gaurav Chauhan
Business Monitoring & Governance

"My journey at Sterlite Power has been an exhilarating one. The company offers a high growth environment where everyone's personal contribution is felt known and it's impact is felt on the business. We are often driven by our core purpose , 'Empowering humanity by addressing toughest challenges of enrgy delivery'. With this mission we are blazing trails together and working hard towards our common goal."

Shilpy Dewan
Shilpy Dewan
MD's Office

"My 3 years at Sterlite Power taught me that innovation is not just about the one big unique idea but also at looking at every aspect of your project, constantly figuring out ways to do it better and achieve beyond what would initially seem possible. The core purpose drives us all , where the word 'impossible' does not exist."

Jeetendra Bisht
Jeetendra Bisht
Policy and Advocacy

"Sterlite Power is a fast paced, high growth environment where the focus is on transformative efforts. Since I joined the organisation, I have held a series of progressively higher positions and roles of increasing responsibility. The mantra of success in this environment is to have an owner's mindset and bias for decisive action.. I am privileged to be part of a culture that encourages its natives to embrace ' Learn-it-All' curiosity, set high targets ad perform while transforming."

Atul Sharma
Atul Sharma

"At Sterlite Power, I have been empowered to not just follow this value but also an active contributor in making this an integral part of our culture. In these 4+ years, I have passionately organized myriad events & engagement activities. At all times, I have witnessed cheerful faces, hearty laughter & emotional connects. FUN at work is the means to an end; it’s a value integrated in a culture which is nurtured by responsible and visionary leadership"

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