Sterlite® Aluminium Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS) conductor is a composite concentric lay-stranded conductor consisting of a stranded steel central core with one or more layers of 1350-0 (High Temperature) aluminium wires


Sterlite® Aluminium Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS)

ACSS conductors can be used as a low loss solution, as part of efficient transmission networks. These conductors are suitable for lines that transmit very high or fluctuating loads.


● Improved self-damping characteristics and high degree of resistance to vibration fatigue.
● Can operate continuously at high temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) with appropriate steel core coating v/s 100°C (212°F) for standard ACSR, hence can carry twice as much current as ACSR conductor.
● No creep.
● Less susceptible to Aeolian vibration fatigue due to very low mechanical load on the annealed aluminium wire.
● Requires conventional installation techniques.
● Allows for lower overall transmission cost.


Typical factors 3.51 mm 0.1383 in 4.44 mm / 3.45MM 0.1749 in / 0.16 in 3.51mm / 2.67 mm 0.1383 in / 0.1051 in
Reference specifications ASTM B856 ASTM B856 ASTM B856
Total cross section area 591.00 mm2 0.9161 in2 468.50 mm2 0.7262 in2 281.50 mm2 0.4356 in2
Conductive wire Al 1350-0 (Fully Annealed Al wires) Al 1350-0 (Fully Annealed Al wires) Al 1350-0 (Fully Annealed Al wires)
Core wire Mischmetal Alloy Coated Steel Mischmetal Alloy Coated Steel Mischmetal Alloy Coated Steel
Conductor diameter 31.62mm 1.2449 in 28.13 mm 1.1075 in 21.77 mm 0.8571 in
Weight 1981 kg/km 1331.2 lbs/mile 1629 kg/km 1094.6 lbs/mile 976 kg/km 655.8 lbs/mile
Ultimate tensile strength 13807 kg 30439.19 lbs 12742 kg 28091.27 lbs 7779 kg 17149.74 lbs
DC resistance at 20°C temperature 0.05 Ω/km 0.09 Ω/mile 0.07 Ω/km 0.11 Ω/mile 0.12 Ω/km 0.19 Ω/mile
Maximum operating temperature 210°C 410°F 210°C 410°F 210°C 410°F
Current carrying capacity at maximum operating temperature 1854 Amp 1564 Amp 1120 Amp
Assumptions: Ampacity is calculated based on, 45°C (113°F) ambient temperature, 0.6 m/s wind velocity, 0.5 as coefficient of solar absorption, 0.6 as coefficient of emmisivity and 1200 wt/sqm coefficient for solar radiation, at sea level.


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