Khargone Transmission Project (KTL)

Khargone Transmission Project will connect NTPC’s 1,320 MW thermal power project at Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, to the transmission system for catering Maharashtra and southern states. The transmission line will connect the generation project to three substations.


During the planning phase of the project, we identified that the sheer number of crossings would prove to be a challenge. Getting clearances, approvals and ensuring ROW in the Maharashtra side of the line was critical, as we had faced obstacles in similar projects around the country. We also identified a stumbling block which could potentially stall the project in the execution phase – the type of soil in about 60 kms section of the line between Khandwa and Indore could not be worked on during the monsoon.

Our teams began obtaining clearances simultaneously from the various departments to ensure that previously faced ROW challenges could be easily overcome. We also broke the norm by attempting to construct the most challenging section first (between Khandwa and Indore) to ensure that work on the project would not be stalled during the monsoon.

This project will improve power supply and grid reliability by delivering 1320MW of thermal power from Khandwa to consumers in the domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial segments.

Project Detail

Crossing execution, in general, gets delayed due to delayed NOCs from the utilities. In this project, for early NOCs, utility wise NOC was planned. P1-PGCIL, P2-MPPTCL, P3-NH; parallel working for Railways was being carried off and a dedicated team was deployed for the same. Average duration for getting NOC for PL&NH crossings is almost 6 months and that for railway is 12 months. District administration was involved in the scenario from Day 1 and it was ensured that the local patwari was also kept in the loop in the disbursement of ROW payments. We identified minimum of 30 locations for foundations and erections in the 3 month monsoon period. Planned site was visited by local DETs, hence ensuring zero delays for proposal movement from local DET to the DET(WR) and then to the Director(PTCC). To everyone’s surprise, we achieved NOC for KTL within 6months.


Khandwa- Dhule 765 KV D/C TL

  • State : Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
  • Length: 191 Km
  • Commissioning: Dec’2021

Khandwa- Indore  765 KV D/C TL

  • State : Madhya Pradesh
  • Length: 90 Km
  • Commissioning: Feb’2020

Khandwa- Khargone   400  KV D/C TL

  • State : Madhya Pradesh
  • Length: 25 Km
  • Commissioning: Feb2020

Khandwa  765 /400  KV Sub Station

  • State : Madhya Pradesh
  • Commissioning: Feb’2020

LILO at Khandwa

  • State : Madhya Pradesh
  • Length: 7 Km
  • Commissioning: Dec’2018







Projects DEC 2019 Availability since COD
ENICL 99.82 99.54
BDTCL 99.90 99.71
JTCL 100.00 99.54
RTCL 100.00 99.84
PKTCL 100.00 99.93
NRSS-XXIX 98.61 99.67
MTL 100.00 99.95
OGPTL 100.00 99.95
PTCL 100.00 99.94
KTL 100.00 100.00
GPTL 99.81 99.60