RAPP Transmission

The project transfers power from the atomic power plant near Kota in Rajasthan to Shujalpur in Madhya Pradesh to provide the path for the evacuation of electricity generated at RAPP-7 and 8. The transmission system evacuates and transmits power through a 200 Km long 400 kV Double Circuit line. This line has further strengthened power transfer capability from the Northern Grid to the Western Grid.

Sterlite Power

Project Story

 15 locations (5.9kms.) of the transmission line were affected due to challenges in forest clearances. The rough and heavily forested terrain in the region made the task of creating the transmission line in the region more difficult. Four locations inside the RAPP plant needed to be built using controlled explosions in a limited time frame. There were severe ROW problems near the borders of the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, as the transmission line passed through the fields of orchids and the local populace’s demands for compensation were high.

To overcome the challenges due to forest clearances, we utilized multiple teams to simultaneously work on the 15 locations with accessibility issues. The work within the RAPP plant was carried out within 30 days, thanks to the advance planning efforts made. We coordinated with district authorities to help de-escalate the situation with the local populace and ensured that the compensation paid to them for use of the land was fair.

Project Detail

RTCL operates one EHV overhead transmission line of approximately 402 ckms in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, comprised of one 400 kV D/C line from Kota to Shujalpur.


RAPP — Shujalpur

  • State: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh
  • Length: 403
  • Start Date: Feb - 2016
  • End Date: --
  • Construction Status: WIP