Goa Tamnar Transmission Project Limited

The Goa Tamnar Transmission Project Limited will deliver an incremental 400kV feed to Goa and scale up the transmission network for power evacuation from generation projects pooled at Raigarh (Chattisgarh).

Sterlite Power

Project Story

 The Raigarh pool in Chattisgarh had been facing high-fault levels and this project aims at creating an alternative path of evacuation. The project will help address the quality of power transfer from generating stations connected to the Raigarh pool to Goa.

This project is spread across the state of Goa, Karnataka and Chattisgarh and passes through the heavy dense forest of the Western Ghats in Goa & Karnataka. Our robust surveying methods ensure that the above challenges are kept to a minimal. Multiple teams are working with different stakeholders to get timely permissions pertaining to ROW.

For more information please visit http://gttpl.co.in/ 

Project Detail

The Project entails the laying of 240 kms of transmission lines and one high-power sub-station aiming to strengthen the current grid network. The Project comprises of four elements:

  • Construction of a sub-station at Goa with a 220 KV double circuit line of 21 kms
  • Laying of a 400 KV double circuit line of 54 kms spread across Goa
  • Laying of another 400 KV double circuit line of 94 Km spread across Goa and Karnataka
  • Construction of 765 KV double circuit line of 70 Km in Chattisgarh.

The overall Project is expected to be commissioned in 44 months.


Xeldem -Mapusa Line

  • State: Goa
  • Length: 55KM
  • Construction Status: WIP

Xelum -Substation & Xeldem -Xeldem Line

  • State: Goa
  • Length: 2 * 500 MVA 400/220 KV AIS substation & 22 Km line
  • Construction Status: WIP

Dharamjaygarh-Tamnar Line

  • State: Chattishgarh
  • Length: 70 KM
  • Construction Status: WIP

Xeldum -Narendra Line

  • State: Goa & Karnataka
  • Length: 94 KM
  • Construction Status: WIP