INVITS: Game Changer For Infrastructure Financing In India

IndiGrid is the first Infrastructure Investment Trust (“InvIT”) established to own power transmission assets in India. IndiGrid owns 16 independent revenue-generating elements, including 13 transmission lines of 3,360 ckms and 3 substations of 7,000 MVA capacity across 9 states in India. We believe that access to reliable power is a fundamental right as it is […]

How Partnership With Sterlite Power Can Be A Harbinger Of Success

Sterlite Power is India’s leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider, focused on addressing complex challenges in the power sector by tackling the key constraints of time, space and capital. The company’s expertise in project execution, business model innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology has enabled it to build a track record of commissioning projects […]

Ease Of Doing Business With Reliable Electricity

India is powering ahead and is now one of the top ranked economies in South Asia, as per a latest report released by the World Bank. Last week, the World Bank marked up India’s ranking in its ‘Ease of Doing Business’ score (EODB) for 2018-2019, at 77, rapidly moving up from its place in 2015 […]

Developing An Intercontinental Electricity Grid Between India And Africa

India’s Moonshot On 2nd October 2018, Prime Minister Modi announced a grand vision of creating the “one world, one sun, one grid” network. This mega project, once completed, will create a massive single grid network that will power every continent through day and night by transferring the power of the afternoon sun almost instantaneously to […]

Upgrading Power Transmission Lines To Higher Voltage With Existing Infrastructure

Due to increasing urbanization and industrial growth, energy consumption has gone up in Tier I and Tier II cities in India. The rising population, along with the government’s focus to provide uninterrupted electricity to all homes by 2019, is projected to increase electricity consumption five to six times between 2014 and 2030. Over the last few […]

What Threatens The Indian Green Story

While the green energy story appears promising, serious concerns are raised over the capacity of evacuation infrastructure to accommodate large capacities. The country is witnessing a continuous trend of plummeting energy costs due to consistent decrease in the generation prices of renewable energy. Prices of renewables over the last few years have seen all-time lows, […]

Make Power Supply A Fundamental Right

Lack of reliable electricity supply is one of the biggest hurdles for socio-economic development of the nationImagine a life without electricity. The world comes to a standstill as the sun goes down. No engine to fire transportation. No television. No internet. No mobile phone. Health services are affected. And then there is our primal fear […]

Power Transmission: The Key To India’s Solar Mission

The year 2016 will be remembered as the tipping point for solar energy. For the first time, it became cheaper to produce your own electricity than to buy it from the grid! Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not have asked for a better timing. The sharp drop in solar prices perfectly coincided with his first […]


Projects DEC 2019 Availability since COD
ENICL 99.82 99.54
BDTCL 99.90 99.71
JTCL 100.00 99.54
RTCL 100.00 99.84
PKTCL 100.00 99.93
NRSS-XXIX 98.61 99.67
MTL 100.00 99.95
OGPTL 100.00 99.95
PTCL 100.00 99.94
KTL 100.00 100.00
GPTL 99.81 99.60