How Partnership With Sterlite Power Can Be A Harbinger Of Success

Sterlite Power is India’s leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider, focused on addressing complex challenges in the power sector by tackling the key constraints of time, space and capital. The company’s expertise in project execution, business model innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology has enabled it to build a track record of commissioning projects ahead of schedule, addressing the key constraint of time and capital. Sterlite Power has over 30% market share in India, along with 9 concession projects in Brazil spanning more than 10,000 circuit kilometres overall. With dark fibre network spanning 21 states with 3,316 RKMS and products exported to more than 40 countries. The company now looks to expand its global footprint in collaboration with other players and partners.

Why partner with Sterlite Power –

Sterlite Power’s partners enable the company to deliver projects ahead of schedule meeting the stringent cost, time and quality criteria. That’s the reason why the company invests significant time and resource in selecting Partners for its business. The evaluation process ensures Partners are in sync with the company’s core values which helps both parties to work towards providing reliable power to the most remote regions of the world.

It is imperative to answer the question, why partner with Sterlite Power? We believe the answer is quite easily understandable;

  • Sterlite Power deals with its partners with RESPECT
  • It is a company driven by INNOVATION where no idea is a bad idea
  • It has a large portfolio of projects which promise to deliver significant SOCIAL IMPACT
  • Working with Sterlite Power could be FUN if all values and beliefs are endured to the highest level

Sterlite Power is aware of the responsibility with its vision and gets a partner onboarded that shares similar values. The company values partnerships and considers them as an extension of the company itself. The company’s partner will not only be partnering with the workings and finances, but also with the belief system – making access to reliable power a fundamental right for everyone.

Areas of Focus

Sterlite Power works within four realms – infrastructure, solutions, convergence, and investment management. The company’s focus is on tackling the immediate and long-term energy needs and aims to achieve that by creating sustainable, efficient and profitable transmission and distribution systems.

The immediate focus of the company is to grow investments and partnerships in the sector in order to achieve the goal of electrifying every nook and corner of the world. Increased investment and partnerships can facilitate exchange of ideas and resources. This would lead to growth, not only in terms of the respective companies but also in contributing towards global energy demand. energy needs.

In order to fulfil the global energy needs strong partnerships are necessary, especially while working across borders. Strong partnerships are built on the basis of trust and seamless functioning   during the partnership. Over a period of time, Sterlite Power has identified, understood and addressed the following areas where partnerships have faced challenges.

  • Commercial processes

Complicated and long commercial processes can demotivate a partner right from the start. To avoid this, the company has put in place simpler, time-effective and quick processes in place.

  • Payments

Payments not processed in time can hamper the trust factor while also acting as discouragement. Sterlite Power is investing heavily in technology and people to ensure that partner payments are completed within stipulated time so that finance does not become a factor in souring a business relationship. Glimpses of process improvements are already evident.

  • Release of timely Purchase Orders and Amendments

Timely Purchase Order issuance is an important event in any commercial transaction. Any delay in this area creates uncertainty and lack of commitment towards timely completion of the Scope of Work or Delivery of material.  A collaborative system is being put in place which will completely avoid such delays from the onset of the new year 2019.

Acting on these three areas shall ensure that the partnerships are more fruitful, and the environment of partnerships remains healthy.

What the future holds

One of the mega projects that Sterlite Power has envisioned is Intercontinental Energy Grid (IEG), which would connect India and Africa with a grid that will facilitate exchange of renewable energy as per their respective needs. The project will involve utilising solar and wind energy to generate power and transmit across the two continents via subsea HVDC cables. Such an exchange of power is necessary from a global and environmental perspective. This is exactly what the future should look like – exchange of resources via renewables, hence reducing carbon footprints while contributing towards global energy demand.

To achieve this positive and sustainable future, steps taken need to be cooperative and optimistic. This is where Sterlite Power believes robust partnerships can play an important role. The company is looking for partners for strengthening its various businesses; partners who share the same goal as that of Sterlite Power – to provide access to reliable power in every corner of the world.


Projects DEC 2019 Availability since COD
ENICL 99.82 99.54
BDTCL 99.90 99.71
JTCL 100.00 99.54
RTCL 100.00 99.84
PKTCL 100.00 99.93
NRSS-XXIX 98.61 99.67
MTL 100.00 99.95
OGPTL 100.00 99.95
PTCL 100.00 99.94
KTL 100.00 100.00
GPTL 99.81 99.60