Sterlite Power
at a Glance

We are a leading private sector power transmission infrastructure developer and solutions provider, operating in India and Brazil.

According to CRISIL Research, we are the largest private player in terms of project portfolio under the inter-state TBCB route, with a market share of 26% of transmission projects awarded through the TBCB route in India and Brazil.

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Business Overview

Global Infrastructure

Our Global Infrastructure business unit develops power transmission infrastructure projects in India and Brazil.


Our Solutions business unit specialises in upgrading, uprating and strengthening existing power delivery networks and consists of Solutions (Products) and Solutions (MSI).


Our Convergence business unit leverages existing power utility infrastructure (such as OPGW, transmission towers, distribution towers and substations).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


(1) ROCE, or returns on capital employed, is the ratio of our consolidated EBIT (which we calculate by adding back income tax expense and finance costs to our restated profit/(loss) for the year) to our average capital employed, for the periods indicated. We calculate capital employed as our total assets less our current liabilities. Average capital employed for a fiscal year is the simple average of the capital employed as of the last day of the prior fiscal year and the last day of the current fiscal year.

Key Milestones


Incorporation of our Company


Commissioned the RAPP Transmission Company Ltd. (RTCL) Project

Demerged from Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL)


Won the bid for the Novo Estado Project in Brazil

The units of IndiGrid are listed on the Stock Exchanges


Won the Pampa Project, a transmission project in Brazil; taking the project count in Brazil to 10

Commissioned other elements of the NRSS-XXIX Project


Won an order of approximately US$ 46.7 million for supply of ACCC (Aluminum Composite Core Conductor)


Received accreditation for our OPGW laboratory (17025:2017) from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)


NER and GPTL flipped to IndiGrid

Investment by AMP Capital in the Investee HoldCos

Technology Leadership

Powering Innovative Solutions


Hydrology Studies

Building Information Modeling

Satellite Imagery ― Digital Terrain Model





NER - Helicopter use

Information Technology

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR initiatives are aligned with the requirements under
the Companies Act 2013 and the Companies (Corporate Social
Responsibility) Rules, 2014.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief

EdIndia’s Project Pragyan

Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity

Health, Safety & Environment

Building a Safe Work

We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. QHSE-related injuries, occupational illnesses and incidents can be prevented through safe work practices and quality control processes.

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