Sterlite Power at a Glance

Who We Are

We are a leading private sector power transmission infrastructure developer and solutions provider, operating in India and Brazil.

According to CRISIL Research, we are the largest private player in terms of project portfolio under the inter-state tariff-based competitive bidding (TBCB) route, with a market share of the 26% of transmission projects awarded through the TBCB route. Further, according to data from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANEEL), we have a 13% market share of the transmission projects auctioned by ANEEL in the period January 2017-June 2021.

We commenced operations in 2006 as the transmission grid business division of Sterlite Technologies Limited. The business division was demerged and transferred to our Company in 2016. We expanded internationally by commencing operations in Brazil in 2017.

We develop integrated power transmission infrastructure and provide solution services through two business units:

Global Infrastructure and Solutions. Our Global Infrastructure business unit has a global focus, with operations currently in India and Brazil. Our Solutions business unit consists of the products sub-unit, which manufactures and supplies a wide range of products including high-performance power conductors, optical ground wire (OPGW) and extra-high voltage (EHV) cables; and the Master System Integration (MSI) sub-unit, which provides bespoke solutions for the upgrade, uprate and fiberisation of existing transmission infrastructure projects. In addition, we also operate the Convergence business unit, which leverages existing power utility infrastructure for telecommunications purposes by building optical fibre infrastructure on top of existing utilities networks. While the contribution of the Convergence business unit to our overall business is currently minor, we believe it provides us an opportunity for future growth.