An unprecedented rise in power demand, aging infrastructure & limited availability of resources has placed extraordinary pressure on utilities. The challenge is to establish capacity augmentation in an economic manner, within shortest possible time, with minimum disruption. As a result, utility operators face decisions of whether to build new infrastructure or increase capacity of the existing electrical infrastructure. One of the two must be done for improving power transfer capability or reliability. These decisions are guided by coinciding challenges of time, space and capital.

We, at Sterlite Power, deliver increased power transfer capability by either increasing current ratings (Current Uprating) and/or increasing voltage level (Voltage Uprating) on the existing infrastructure. While current uprating is often achieved by increasing the thermal limits using high-performance conductors, other methods such as dynamic line loading, and improved line surge impedance level are also deployed to achieve adequate thermal limits. Voltage uprating can potentially achieve much higher power transfer capability with reduced electrical losses and increased utilization of the existing system. Increasing the voltage rating of overhead lines is possible if enough electrical clearance is achieved and modifications of terminal substation equipment are made.

Adequate insulation strength and air clearance of the line requires the use of insulating cross-arm, compact phase to phase spacers, re-insulation and tower modifications etc. [/bg_collapse]



Network congestion, low corridor intensity and constraint power capacity are the prime pain points of the existing transmission infrastructure.


2x to 3x increase in throughput is achieved by replacing the old conductors with High Performance Conductor solutions on the existing corridors, which meet the same mechanical sag and load conditions of the existing towers. This is done using minimal shutdown of 6 to 8 hours daily.


Our uprating solutions reduce the losses and better the tower clearances and loading conditions. Hence, increasing the transmission capacity by almost 2x to 3x.


Sterlite Power heralds in pioneering new technology in India with ‘Zero Shut Down Reconductoring’. Pilot project addresses transmission congestion challenges through innovation, while creating social impact.


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