SR. NO. Particulars Description PDF Attachment
01 Name and Adderss of the Contractor’s establishment M/s Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd ,Sec-05,Vardhman Industrial Estate,Behind Patanjali yogpeeth,Haridwar-249402
02 Website address www.sterlitepower.com
03 Name and address of the Proprietor/Director/Partners/HOD/CEO Mr.Mohit Saxena & M/s Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd,Sec-05,Vardhman Industrial Estate,Behind Patanjali yogpeeth,Haridwar-249402
04 Phone /Mobile Number and E-Mail I.D of establishment/person incharge of contract work mohit.saxena@sterlite.com & 9560055505
05 Name and address of the place/site where the contract workers are to be employed TATA POWER DELHI DISTRIBUTION LTD. (NORTH-WEST DELHI) & TPDDL CEN-Store, Opp. C-2 Block, Keshavpuram,Delhi-110035
06 Copy of MOA/ AOA / Partnership Deed/Proprietor’s I.D. Proof ATTACHED Download Here
07 Form “V” issued by P.E.-Rule 21 (2) ATTACHED Download Here
08 Form IV-Rule 21(1)/ VII-Rule 29(2) Form IV – Application for New Licence Under contract Labour (R&A Act)1970-ATTACHED APPLIED ACKNOWLEDMENT COPY Download Here
09 Agreement with P.E. alongwith rate & no. of workfor which contract has been given ATTACHED Download Here
10 Letter of extension of contract period, in case of renewal of license N/A
11 Self Declaration for Website compliance. ATTACHED – 1 Download Here
  ATTACHED – 2 Download Here
12 Challan of license Fees /(late Fees, If any )G.A.R-7) ATTACHED Download Here
13 Challan of security deposite (G.A.R-7) ATTACHED Download Here
14 License No. under CLRA Act,1970 UNDER PROCESS-APPLIED COPY ATTACHED Download Here
15 Nature of work for which contract workers are to be engaged/employed SITC of 66kV 3CX300 SQMM XLPE Cable from 66/11kV SGTN Grid to 66/11kV Siraspur Grid
16 Registration Number/ Certificate under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act,1954 2018002287
17 PF Code Number PF CODE REGISTRATION(SRVAP1491825000) -ATTACHED Download Here
18 ESI Code Number ESI CODE REGISTRATION(1000079010000699)
19 Half Yearly Return -Rule 82 (1) NOT APPLICABLE
20 Name and address of the Principal Employer TPDDL CEN-Store, Opp. C-2 Block, Keshavpuram ,Delhi-110035
21 website address www.tatapower.com
22 Name and address of the proprietor/Director/partners Of P.E Estt. TPDDL,Hudson Lines, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi
23 Registration Certificate No. under CLRA Act,1970 CLA/PE/DLC/04/2003/LC dated14.08.2013