Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd.
(Rohini Grid Sector 37 Project)


SR. NO.ParticularsDescriptionPDF Attachment
01Name and Address of the Contractor’s establishmentM/s Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd, Sec-05, Vardhman Industrial Estate, Behind Patanjali yogpeeth, Haridwar-249402
02Website addresswww.sterlitepower.com
03Name and address of the Proprietor/Director/Partners/HOD/CEOMs. Rachna Mohan, Vice President – HR Ops and Compliances, M/s Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd,Sec-05,Vardhman Industrial Estate, Behind Patanjali yogpeeth,Haridwar-249402
04Phone /Mobile Number and E-Mail I.D of establishment/person in charge of contract work rachna.mohan@sterlite.com & +91 9818512356
05Name and address of the place/site where the contract workers are to be employedTATA POWER DELHI DISTRIBUTION LTD. (NORTH-WEST DELHI) & TPDDL CEN-Store, Opp. C-2 Block, Keshavpuram,Delhi-110035
06Copy of MOA/ AOA / Partnership Deed/Proprietor’s I.D. ProofAttachedDownload Here
07Form “V” issued by P.E.-Rule 21 (2)AttachedDownload Here
08Form IV-Rule 21(1)/ VII-Rule 29(2)Form IV – Application for New Licence Under contract Labour (R&A Act)1970-ATTACHED APPLIED ACKNOWLEDMENT COPYDownload Here
09Agreement with P.E. alongwith rate & no. of workfor which contract has been givenAttachedDownload Here
10Letter of extension of contract period, in case of renewal of licenseN/A
11Self Declaration for Website compliance.Attached 1Download Here
Attached 2Download Here
Attached 3Download Here
Attached 4Download Here
Attached 5Download Here
Attached 6Download Here
Attached 7Download Here
Attached 8Download Here
Attached 9Download Here
Attached 10Download Here
Attached 11Download Here
Attached 12Download Here
Attached 13Download Here
Attached 14Download Here
Attached 15Download Here
Attached 16Download Here
12Challan of license Fees /(late Fees, If any )G.A.R-7)Attached 1: CLRA Application & ChallanDownload Here
13Challan of security deposit (G.A.R-7)Attached 1: CLRA Application & ChallanDownload Here
14License No. under CLRA Act,1970UNDER PROCESS-APPLIED COPY ATTACHEDDownload Here
15Nature of work for which contract workers are to be engaged/employedSITC of 66kV 3CX300 SQMM XLPE Cable from 66/11kV SGTN Grid to 66/11kV Siraspur Grid
16Registration Number/ Certificate under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act,19542018002287
17PF Code NumberPF CODE REGISTRATION(SRVAP1491825000) -ATTACHEDDownload Here
18ESI Code NumberESI CODE REGISTRATION(1000079010000699)
19Half Yearly Return -Rule 82 (1)NOT APPLICABLE
20Name and address of the Principal EmployerTPDDL CEN-Store, Opp. C-2 Block, Keshavpuram ,Delhi-110035
21website addresswww.tatapower.com
22Name and address of the proprietor/Director/partners Of P.E Estt.TPDDL, Hudson Lines, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi
23Registration Certificate No. under CLRA Act,1970CLA/PE/DLC/04/2003/LC dated14.08.2013