New Delhi, February 18, 2023: Sterlite Power, a leading power transmission developer and solutions provider in India and Brazil, today unveiled two state-of-the-art technologies – 96 Fiber OPGW and ACCC ULS Brahmaputra High Performance Conductor, to deliver reliable, secure, and highly efficient power transmission solutions at the 15th edition of ELECRAMA 2023. These solutions will enable increased digitization of the transmission sector while reducing transmission losses.

The 96 Fiber Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) – This is a special higher fiber count OPGW (optical ground wire) developed with a view to bolster India’s power transmission infrastructure that needs to be future-ready to handle the increasing electricity demand and data traffic. With advantages like greater bandwidth and faster data transfer rates, a high fiber count OPGW technology is particularly important for India which has emerged as the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for digital technologies and services. Developed for the first time in India, this OPGW design is suitable for installation on towers of 132/220kV and 400kV lines voltage and will serve as a cost-effective solution, enabling faster and more reliable communication, while expanding energy access to underserved areas.

The ACCC ULS Brahmaputra High Performance Conductor (HPC) is a globally first-of-its-kind, high performance conductor that has been developed to overcome the limitations and challenges associated with the critical crossing of River Brahmaputra – one of the longest rivers in India. The unique design combines aluminium alloy with composite core with ultra-low sag, which improves the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resiliency of the critical river crossing span.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Manish Agarwal, Director & CEO, India Transmission, Sterlite Power said, “India’s largest gathering for the power and electrical industry, ELECRAMA provides us the perfect platform to showcase our innovative solutions and capabilities that are helping transform India’s transmission industry and improve the overall reliability and efficiency of India’s national grid. We continue to stay committed to nation-building and improve access to electricity in remote and underserved areas of the country.”

In the 2020 ELECRAMA edition, Sterlite Power successfully launched ACCC ULS Ganga, a High-Performance (HPC) Low Sag conductor which was deployed across river Ganga, making it the longest river crossing with an HPC conductor on a 400kV line.

A pioneer in integrated power transmission solutions, Sterlite Power has a portfolio of 30 projects spanning across India and Brazil. In addition to bringing reliable power to the country, the company has been a true harbinger of sustainable development.


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