Sterlite Power, a global power transmission company successfully completed India’s first live-line project in Bengaluru. The company successfully undertook the reconductoring of a 66 KV transmission line connecting to Bengaluru’s electronic city under live-line conditions. The project uprated the existing line to double its power transfer capacity. High-performance conductor installed in the lines will provide better clearance from the ground and nearby buildings. Most Indian cities are witnessing rapid urban evolution which has spurred an exponential power demand. Added to this, ageing infrastructure, lack of space to set up green field transmission projects are some the challenges in providing 24X7 powers for all. Similar challenges were witnessed in Bengaluru as well. Hence, the state requires upgrade/uprate of its transmission assets to help in increasing the power transfer capacity in a short period of time, that too without shut down.

Commenting on the completion of the project Mr. Manish Agarwal, CEO, Solutions, Business, Sterlite Power, said, “l am happy to announce yet another milestone achieved by Sterlite Power as we completed first live-line project in Bengaluru. Sterlite Power is driven by its core purpose of empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery. The solutions business has been pioneering innovative technologies which can be implemented during the execution of all our projects to ensure timely completion. We thank the officials of Karnataka power Transmission Corporation Limited for their support in timely completion of this critical project.

The Naganthapura receiving substation to junction of jail road, which connects to Electronic city sector II, phase II (Malgudi) in Bangalore, passes through an extremely congested residential area and commercial buildings on both sides. Hence, it is significant that this reconductoring was undertaken in Zero shutdown conditions, causing no disruption to power supply to the area and community.

About Sterlite power

Sterlite Power is a leading global developer of power transmission infrastructure with projects of over 12,816 circuit kms and 22,044 MVA in India and Brazil. With an industry-leading portfolio of power conductors, EHV cables and OPGW, Sterlite Power also offers solutions for upgrading, uprating and strengthening existing networks. The company has set new benchmarks in the industry by use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative financing. Sterlite Power is also the sponsor of IndiGrid, India’s first power sector infrastructure Investment Trust (“InvIT”), listed on BSF and NSE.

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