Marking the big-ticket participation of the private sector in the power transmission business, Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited (Sterlite Grid), a subsidiary of Pune based Sterlite Technologies Limited, completed commissioning of all eight elements of Bhopal-Dhule power transmission project.

Sterlite Grid is the first private developer to commission 765 KiloVolt (kV) project in India under the ‘Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOT)’ model. The project would cater to the power needs of million households across states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The total entailed investment, as per industry estimates is around Rs 1,900 crores for the project.

It is implemented under special purpose vehicle – Bhopal Dhule Transmission Company Limited (BDTCL). The projects involved six transmission lines of about 1,000 circuit-kilometres and the two 2×1500 MVA substations at Dhule and Bhopal.

“With commissioning of 765 kV single circuit Jabalpur – Bhopal transmission line on June 5, all eight elements of BDTCL including two critical substations are commissioned,” said the company’s statement.

The project will attract annual tariff of close to Rs 250 crore .The company said said the fully commissioned project will contribute significantly to its cash flow. It will operate and maintain this project for 35 years.

“Commissioning of BDTCL project is yet another milestone for Sterlite Grid as part of their endeavor to bridge transmission supply and bring uninterrupted electricity to all. It will not only enhance the grid reliability in Western Region but also provide markets to the power generation assets located in Odisha& Chhattisgarh.” said Pravin Agarwal, Chairman Sterlite Grid.

BDTCL project is part of the system strengthening scheme of the western region to facilitate the transfer of up to 5,000Mw of electricity from the coal belt in the East, to the energy deficient regions of western and northern India.

“BDTCL is considered as a critical part of national grid as it facilitates the evacuation of power from Odisha & Chhattisgarh to load centers. This network will also provide energy stability to Indore, Dewas and Aurangabad among the other industrial pocket of the route,” said the company in its statement.

As country’s largest private operator of independent power transmission systems, Sterlite Grid currently has six major projects in its kitty namely East-North Interconnection, Jabalpur Transmission, RAPP Transmission, Purulia & Kharagpur Transmission, BDTCL, and NRSS XXIX Transmission projects. Earlier this month, its same BDTCL project was awarded by the ministry of power for completion ahead of schedule.


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Projects DEC 2019 Availability since COD
ENICL 99.82 99.54
BDTCL 99.90 99.71
JTCL 100.00 99.54
RTCL 100.00 99.84
PKTCL 100.00 99.93
NRSS-XXIX 98.61 99.67
MTL 100.00 99.95
OGPTL 100.00 99.95
PTCL 100.00 99.94
KTL 100.00 100.00
GPTL 99.81 99.60