The government has introduced an online system for seeking forest clearance that has been very beneficial in securing this critical clearance. To streamline state level clearances for transmission projects, the appointment of a nodal officer at the state level could be very helpful. Similarly, having a Project Monitoring Committee at Power Ministry level for a regular progress update and addressing Inter-Ministerial coordination issues could fast-track project implementation, says Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO – Global Infrastructure, Sterlite Power, a leading global developer of electric power transmission infrastructure and electric utilities solutions provider. In conversation with Manu Tayal, Associate Editor, Saur Energy International, Tiwari shared his views on various topics which the energy sector is currently dealing with along with his company’s achievements, future plans etc. Here’re the excerpts from that exclusive interview published in the Saur Energy International Magazine’s October 2019 edition.

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Sterlite Power acquires Beawar Transmission Limited Project from REC


Projects DEC 2019 Availability since COD
ENICL 99.82 99.54
BDTCL 99.90 99.71
JTCL 100.00 99.54
RTCL 100.00 99.84
PKTCL 100.00 99.93
NRSS-XXIX 98.61 99.67
MTL 100.00 99.95
OGPTL 100.00 99.95
PTCL 100.00 99.94
KTL 100.00 100.00
GPTL 99.81 99.60