Sterlite Power has become a pioneer in introducing some of the best global practices in the Indian power transmission sector. In an ever-changing technological landscape, all our efforts are directed towards achieving sustainable development.

Providing access to electricity in the most remote regions and on challenging projects requires that we use technology to supplement our output. In tandem with the government’s focus on providing uninterrupted electricity supply to all by 2019, we are building a team with expertise to implement robust transmission networks ahead of schedule. We are also working on initiatives that are economical and sustainable to benefit future generations.


For the first time in India, Sterlite Power deployed an air crane to set up a power transmission line in the mountainous terrains of Jammu & Kashmir. The company has partnered with US-based Erickson Inc. to install transmission towers in the Pir Panjal ranges using Erickson’s S64 Aircrane, a heavy-lift helicopter. It will help Sterlite Power commission NRSS XXIX Transmission Limited ahead of schedule and ensure power for all in Jammu & Kashmir besides improving the reliability of the grid system.


Sterlite Power has always been at the forefront of new technologies. For the first time in India, we used Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). This technology uses laser distance measuring technology to conduct topographic mapping with the help of aircrafts. Transmitted from the aircraft, LiDAR beams are able to function in overcast and cloudy conditions, can penetrate dense vegetation and provide high accuracy at high speed. Such automation helps in optimising cost and time and is far more efficient than manual surveys. Adding to it, the risk of project execution comes down significantly with the use of such technologies, unlike conventional technologies.


Since companies in the power transmission sector spend a lot of time resolving socio-economic issues involved in the projects, we have opted for newer methods for ensuring the ‘Right of Way’. Sterlite Power has joined the elite club of global transmission companies that promote best industry practices to build power transmission networks. We have opted for Helicopter Stringing for the Bhopal-Indore 765 kV and Bhopal 400 kV power transmission lines of BDTCL project. Heli-stringing enables quick execution of installing cables, which otherwise is a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, it has reduced the project execution time and shortened transmission line shutdown time. It also renders minimal disturbance to the local community and the environment, which in turn avoids complexities related to ‘Right of Way’.


Transmission lines of Sterlite Power traverse through some of the most difficult terrains including rivers Ganga, Kosi and Narmada. The vivacious Ganga during peak monsoon posed as a major hurdle for the commissioning of ENICL. Through its experience in any type of adversity, Sterlite Power’s team overcame the challenges thrown by ferocious Uttarakhand floods in 2014. Barges of 1,000 metric tonne capacity were anchored in the middle of the river to erect the tower amid Ganga’s high swings. Barge mounted telescopic cranes with 90-meter hydraulic boom enabled the erection of a 100-meter high tower from the foundation level with project inputs transported through mechanized country boats.