GMDA - Gurugram smart city fibre network

Making Gurugram a smart city, by building reliable intracity fibre network through unique PPP model

About GMDA fibre network

In a first of its kind PPP (Public Private Partnership) in India, along with Gurugram Development Authority of India (GMDA), Sterlite Power has built 150Km reliable fibre network. The partnership helped city in faster deployment of telecom grade network with low cost of ownership.

Convergence business provides a win-win partnership to design, build, finance, operate and maintain fiber infrastructure on a long-term partnership model. Gurugram is one of the first cities where Convergence business has invested and created a world-class optical fiber infrastructure for supporting current and future applications of the city.

Benefits for smart city

Sterlite Power expertise

Apart from GMDA’s own captive use, the surplus fiber capacity is being leased out to telecom service providers for strengthening their networks. We are serving more than 15 happy customers which is a mix of leading ISPs, MSOs and telecom service providers.

The fiber network enabling customers to deliver better FTTX facility to their users. They also don’t need to depend on any third party for maintaining the fiber since the infrastructure is completely managed by Sterlite Power, giving complete peace of mind. The underground fiber can also be leveraged by Telcos to fiberize their microwave towers for reliable and enhanced connectivity. 



Unique PPP model enabling crucial connectivity for city’s e-governance & surveillance. The fiber network supports telecom service providers in their bid to provide faster FTTX connections.


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