These are homogenous alloy conductors of Aluminium + Magnesium + Silica Alloy type. These conductors have a conductivity of 59% and hence have lesser DC resistance and higher current carrying capacity.

al 59 conductor


A159 alloy conductors are used in power transmission and distribution lines for a wide voltage range (low to ultra-high voltage). These conductors have higher current carrying capacity and lower losses due to DC resistance. Al59 conductors have high corrosion resistance, making them most suited for deployment in coastal regions


● 26%-31% more current carrying capacity than ACSR of the same size, while maximum sag remains the same and working tension is lesser than that of ACSR.
● Resistivity is substantially lesser than that of ACSR/AAAC conductors, resulting in lower 12R losses.
● Higher corrosion resistance than 6201 alloy series (AAAC).

Typical factors 3.50 mm 0.1378 in 3.18 mm 0.1252 in 3.00 mm 0.1181 in
Reference specifications SS 4240814,13 SS 4240814,13
Total cross section area 587.00 mm2 0.9099 in2 484.25 mm2 0.7506 in2 261.50 mm2 0.4053 in2
Conductor diameter 31.50 mm 1.2402 in 28.62 mm 1.1268 in 21.00 mm 0.8268 in
Weight 1618 kg/gm 1087.2 lbs/mile 1336 kg/km 897.8 lbs/mile 720 kg/km 483.8 lbs/mile
Ultimate tensile strength 14350 kg 31636.3 lbs 12340 kg 27205.01 lbs 6661 kgf 14684.97 lbs
DC resistance at 20°C temperature 0.05 Ω/km 0.08 Ω/mile 0.06 Ω/km 0.10 Ω/mile 0.11 Ω/km 0.18 Ω/mile
Maximum operating temperature 95°C 203°F 95°C 203°F 95°C 203°F
Current carrying capacity at maximum operating temperature 1094 Amp 958 Amp 654 Amp


Assumptions: Ampacity is calculated based on, 45°C (113°F) ambient temperature, 0.6 m/s wind velocity, 0.5 as coefficient of solar absorption, 0.6 as coefficient of emissivity and 1200 wt/sqm coefficient for solar radiation, at sea level.


Note: The Catalogue conductor Parameter are informative and can be customized as per Project Requirements.

Non-Specular (NS) Dull Finish Conductor can be available on special requirement.

* Parameters mentioned in the document are indicative and can vary subject to different standards
* Customizations are available on select products. Please indicate your interest by reaching out to the sales team

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