Sterlite® Super Thermal Alloy Conductor Invar Reinforced (STACIR) conductor has outer layers composed of Super Thermal Aluminium (STAL) alloy wires that can operate up to 210°C (410°F). The inner core is composed of aluminium clad INVAR wires. INVAR is a metal alloy with 36% Ni in steel.

Super Thermal Alloy Conductor Invar Reinforced

Sterlite® Super Thermal Alloy Conductor Invar Reinforced (STACIR)

STACIR/AW conductors are suited for re-conductoring applications. The capacity of existing transmission line can be enhanced by simply replacing the existing conductor without any modification to the tower.


● Can carry 100% more current than that of ACSR of the same size, while maximum sag and maximum working tension remain the same as that of ACSR.
● No modification or reinforcement is required to existing towers for uprating transmission and distribution lines.

Typical factors 3.53 mm 0.1390 in 3.18 mm 0.1252 in 3.00 mm 0.1181 in
Reference specifications IEC 62004 IEC 62004 IEC 62004
Total cross section area 597.00 mm2 0.9254 in2 484.50 mm2 0.751 in2 261.50 mm2 0.4054 in2
Conductive wire Al Zr AT3 Al Zr AT3 Al Zr AT1
Core wire Aluminium clad Invar Aluminium clad Invar Aluminium clad Invar
Conductor diameter 31.77mm 1.2508 in 28.62 mm 1.1268 in 21.00 mm 0.8268 in
Weight 1993 kg/km 1339.2 lbs/mile 1582 kg/km 1063.1 lbs/mile 939 kg/km 631 lbs/mile
Ultimate tensile strength 14641 kg 32277.84 lbs 11968 kg 26384.89 lbs 8436 kg 18598.17 lbs
DC resistance at 20°C temperature 0.06 Ω/km 0.09 Ω/mile 0.07 Ω/km 0.11 Ω/mile 0.13 Ω/km 0.21 Ω/mile
Maximum operating temperature 210°C 410°F 210°C 410°F 210°C 410°F
Current carrying capacity at maximum operating temperature 1871 Amp 1626 Amp 1040 Amp


Assumptions: Ampacity is calculated based on, 45°C (113°F) ambient temperature, 0.6 m/s wind velocity, 0.5 as coefficient of solar absorption, 0.6 as coefficient of emmisivity and 1200 wt/sqm coefficient for solar radiation, at sea level.
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