NRSS XXIX Transmission Project
400kV Double Circuit transmission lines (900 CKm)
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Northern Region Strengthening Scheme (NRSS)-29 is the largest private sector transmission project awarded in the country till date. The project is critical for meeting the power requirements of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Today, the Kashmir Valley region, besides dealing with its socio-economic problems, suffers from blackouts during the harsh Winter months. Further, the state today produces only 800 MW of power and within three years will require almost 4,000 MW of power. Even though it has a huge hydropower potential, it must has to power from other states in the foreseeable future. The existing transmission corridor passes through the Pir Panjal region, which is prone to landslides, resulting in the snapping of transmission lines and towers. To mitigate these issues, an alternative route has been proposed through the NRSS to ensure that the corridor is not affected by landslides and has 100 per cent uptime. The project will deliver over 1,000 MW of electricity from Punjab to the Kashmir Valley by strengthening the National Grid.

To strengthen the transmission system in Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab, NRSS-XXIX Transmission Limited will commission three 400 kV Double Circuit transmission lines and one 400/220 kV GIS Substation. Post commissioning, the company would operate and maintain the line for a minimum tenure of 35 years.

Project Details

Elements Route Length Specifications Locations Status
Samba – Amargarh  307 Km 400 kV D/C Jammu & Kashmir In Progress
Uri – Wagoora 1.5 Km 400 kV D/C Jammu & Kashmir In Progress
Jalandhar – Samba 133 Km 400 kV D/C Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir Operational
Amargarh Substation 7*105 MVA GIS Substation Jammu & Kashmir In Progress

Key Milestones

  • In June 2016, Sterlite Power commissioned first element — the Jalandhar-Samba Transmission Line 10 months ahead of the schedule
  • In August 2014, Sterlite Power acquired special purpose vehicle NRSS XXIX Transmission Limited from bid process coordinator
  • In May 2014, Sterlite Power emerged as the successful bidder and was awarded NRSS XXIX Transmission Project