Khargone Transmission Project
765 kV lines (558 CKm), 400 kV Lines (62 Km) and a Substation (2x1500 MVA)
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Khargone Transmission Project will connect NTPC’s 1,320 MW of thermal power project at Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh with the transmission system to cater to Maharashtra and Southern states. The transmission line will connect the generation project with three substations. This project will improve power supply and grid reliability to the electricity consumers in domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial segments.

Project Details

Elements Route Length Specifications Locations Status
Khandwa – Dhule 191 Km 765 kV D/C Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra In Progress
Khandwa Pool – Indore 89 Km 765 kV D/C Madhya Pradesh In Progress
Khargone – Khandwa 25 Km 400 kV D/C Madhya Pradesh In Progress
Khandwa – Rajgarh 7 Km 400 kV D/C Madhya Pradesh In Progress
Khandwa Substation 3000MVA 2×1500 MVA Madhya Pradesh In Progress

Application under Section 14 of Electricity Act for the Khargone Transmission Project