dark fiber

One-time fibre investment in Sterlite Convergence’s highly reliable OPGW network lets you realize unlimited bandwidth capacity.

Sterlite Power

What is dark fiber?

Dark fibre is an unlit fibre pair or strand which holds unlimited bandwidth potential by connecting the right set of active equipment. Sterlite Convergence provides best-in-class dark fibre services utilizing its OPGW network.

Why use our OPGW network?

Product Quality – We are in-house OPGW manufacturer and our dark fibres come with over 25 years of life expectancy. The aluminium/ steel sheath provides high mechanical and thermal protection to the fibre.

Efficiency and Reliability – The services offered by Sterlite Convergence are known for the best SLA & uptime in the industry and no ROW challenges. Our fibres are not prone to outages as they are above high voltage conductors and provide security from theft/ vandalism. 

Quick On-boarding – The mechanism and innovation in our products saves time-to-market, leads to faster customer acquisition and accounts for quicker return on investment.

Cost effective – Our dark fibres are ideal for 100G capacity requirement, are perfect for carrying primary traffic and offer infinite bandwidth with one-time investment.

dark fiber

Dark fiber offering

We provide end-to-end delivery of dark fibre as per the requirement of our customers. Our delivered fibres come with 24x7 customer support and offer best-in-class uptime and SLAs. Moreover, the operation and maintenance of the entire link is also taken care of by Sterlite Convergence.