Sterlite Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd (SPTPL) is an end-to-end energy solutions company enabling large-scale heavy energy intensive industries and sector to accelerate their clean energy transition. The company is focused on industrial decarbonization solutions by providing assured renewable energy (RE) through a combination of solar, wind, energy storage and balancing solutions to the Commercial & Industrial segment. It is led by senior professionals who have executed over 3000 MW of RE projects globally.

SPTPL is an affiliate of Sterlite Power Transmission Limited (SPTL), a leading private sector power transmission infrastructure developer and solutions provider with a robust portfolio of 27 projects across India and Brazil with a total capex of ~Rs.36,000 Crores. SPTL provides bespoke and integrated power solutions for the upgrade, uprate and fiberization of existing transmission infrastructure projects. It also has a portfolio of high-performance power conductors, extra high voltage (EHV) cables and optical ground wires (OPGW). Advancing the carriage towards a green energy efficient future, SPTL has an increasing focus on integrating renewable energy into the grid.

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