Purulia & Kharagpur Transmission Project (PKTCL)

The PKTCL project has been brought into existence to grow generation capacity in the eastern parts of India. It was essential towards the interconnection of state grids with regional grids to facilitate exchange of additional power between them. The project involves the establishment of two 400 kV Double Circuit transmission lines and has been awarded on a ‘Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM)’ basis.

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Project Story

 A delay in the application for forest diversion, shifting of termination point of Purulia substation, granting of forest clearance were identified at the outset as challenges during the planning phase for the project. Law and order issues in the region adversely affected operations in the execution phase as well, which delayed the construction of the 400 kV D/C Purulia – Ranchi transmission line and 400 kV D/C Kharagpur – Chaibasa transmission line. Additionally, the tribal Sarna community had concerns with the transmission line passing through sacred groves in the forest worshipped by them.

To address all the delays in clearances, our teams worked simultaneously with various entities to get approvals as quickly as possible. We sought the help of law enforcement in and around our project site to complete our work as effectively as possible. For the Sarna community, we changed the path of the transmission line where we could, to avoid the sacred groves. In areas where this could not be done, we worked in tandem with leaders from the community to move their deity to other nearby groves, to ensure completion of the transmission line.

The Kharagpur – Chaibasa line of this project was commissioned on June 2016 and Purulia – Ranchi line was commissioned on Jan 2017.

Project Detail

Following transmission lines have been planned as a ‘system strengthening scheme’ for exchange of power between West Bengal Grid and inter-state transmission system.

  • 400 kV D/C line from Purulia Pumped Storage Power Project (PSPP) in West Bengal to Ranchi 765/400 kV sub-station of Power Grid Corporation in Jharkhand

  • 400 kV D/C line from Kharagpur 400 kV Sub – Station of WBSETCL to Chaibasa 400/220 kV Sub-station of Powergrid.



  • State - Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal
  • Length - 162
  • Start Date - Jan - 15
  • End Date - Jun - 16
  • Construction Status - Completed

Purulia - Ranchi

  • State - Jharkhand, West Bengal
  • Length - 111
  • Start Date - Jun - 15
  • End Date - Jan - 17
  • Construction Status - Completed