East-North Interconnection Project (ENICL)

ENICL, the first-of-its-kind Mega Independent Power Transmission Project to be awarded in India, was set up with an aim to evacuate power from the north-east and eastern states to the northern region of India. It has been identified as one of the highest priority lines by the Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO), as it provides critical connectivity for the transfer of power from the generating plants in the north-eastern region. This project will address the critical issue of power shortfall during non-monsoon months, thereby bringing significant relief to the people of Assam.

Sterlite Power

Project Story

The rough terrain in the north-east of India and ROW issues in the region meant that the project’s planning would have to be meticulous. The large river crossings would add a layer of complexity during the execution phase. The region’s vulnerability to earthquakes and flooding could also affect construction efforts for the project.

Our robust surveying methods ensured that the challenges due to rough terrain were minimal. ROW-related issues were overcome by multiple teams working with various stakeholders simultaneously to provide timely permission in the planning phase. The piling for each transmission tower was carried out after factoring in the vulnerability and tolerances required to withstand the forces of nature.

Project Detail

The project involves the establishment of two 400 kV Double Circuit transmission lines (with a total line length of 452 km) that passes through the Indian states of Assam, West Bengal, and Bihar. The company would operate and maintain these for a minimum tenure of 25 years.


Bongaigaon Silliguri Line

  • State: Assam, West Bengal
  • Length: 220
  • Start Date: Oct - 10
  • End Date: Nov - 14
  • Construction Status - Completed

Purnea Biharsharif Line

  • State: Bihar
  • Length: 232
  • Start Date: Oct - 10
  • End Date: Sep - 13
  • Construction Status: Completed