Expansion for the assistance to the agreste of Pernambuco.

Sterlite Power

Project Story

The Arcoverde Project has 139 km of transmission line to be built, the implementation of 1 new substation and the expansion of some substations in the region to be deployed in the state of Pernambuco. Power of 400 MVA.

This project is expected to generate 409 direct / indirect jobs.

Project Detail

Consisting of the following facilities in the state of Pernambuco:

– TL 230 kV Garanhuns II - Arcoverde II, with 89 km;

– TL 230 kV Caetés II - Arcoverde II, with 50 km;

– SE 230/69 kV Arcoverde II – 2 x 100 MVA;

– SE 230/69 kV Garanhuns II – new courtyard 69 kV – 2 x 100 MVA;


Preliminary Environmental license

Installation Environmental license