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As one of the leading aluminium conductor manufacturers, Sterlite Power offers the best products to cater to the needs of power transmission and distribution companies. With the help of advanced manufacturing facilities in Uttarakhand, Odisha, Nagar Haveli and Dadra, it transforms ingots into premium quality conductors which promise excellent performance and durability. These conductors are crafted through extremely refined processes and undergo stringent quality assessments, and are hence strong, corrosion resistant and shock-proof. They minimize power loss and are an integral part of various overhead applications as a result. Here’s a look at the types of conductors provided:

AL59 Conductors – With a conductivity of 59%, these are low resistance conductors and an alloy of aluminium, magnesium and silicon. They are applied in power distribution and transmission for a wide range of voltage. They are extremely corrosion resistant, feature high current carrying capacity and cause low energy loss. As a result, they are perfect for usage in coastal areas.

TACSR Conductors – These aluminium alloy conductors are thermal resistant and steel reinforced. The inner core consists of galvanized steel, while the outer layers are made of heat resistant aluminium alloy. They are ideal for setting up new lines for projects with high power transfer needs.

STACIR Conductors – The Super Thermal Alloy Conductor Invar Reinforced comes with outer layers made of Super Thermal Aluminium alloy wires which can function up to a temperature of 410F. The inner core comprises of INVAR wires clad in aluminium. These conductors are best suited for re-conducting applications.

ACCC Conductors – ACCC or Aluminium Conductor Composite Core has a core made of glass fiber and hybrid carbon, and it is wrapped in trapezoidal aluminium strands. While the core bears most of the mechanical load, the aluminium strands convey the electrical current. ACCC’s core is lighter and stronger than traditional steel cores. These conductors are perfect for re-conducting, just like STACIR conductors.

ECO Conductors – These comprise of trapezoidal aluminium alloy made up of silicon, magnesium, and round copper stranded core. Owing to the trapezoidal shape, a compactness of 96% is achieved. Eco conductors incur low loss, are efficient, creative and a cost-effective solution for re-conducting new lines. The same amount of power can be delivered through them, even when the power generator generates less power and less emission.

ACSR Conductors – Sterlite is also the manufacturer of bare aluminium conductors or steel reinforced aluminium conductors. In this type, one or more layers of aluminium wires are wrapped around a steel core of high strength. Depending on the client’s requirement, the core can comprise of single or multiple strands. These conductors are light, have high tensile strength, and incur low electrical losses. Transmission over long distances and at high voltages can be achieved economically as well.

Through rigorous research and development, a deep understanding of customers’ needs, and with avant-garde technology at hand, Sterlite has emerged as a leading exporter of conductors in India. It exports conductors to 40 countries, besides supplying them to all prime Indian states and private utilities.

With the help of high performance conductors, Sterlite has undertaken turnkey projects involving interstate and intra state power transmission systems and development of electricity infrastructure. It is among the reliable power conductor suppliers in the market despite fluctuations in the availability of raw materials and sudden spikes in cost. Moreover, its high quality conductors have been used effectively to set up transmission towers in rough terrains and flooded areas as well. So rest assured that Sterlite Power is your one stop shop for all transmission and distribution needs. Contact Sterlite for more detailed information and technical specifications of the conductor you require and prices.

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