Creating a better future for all requires strong planning and action across the board. We are committed to realize our core purpose –  “Empowering Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery.”


Working on transmission projects can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases, life threatening. Minimizing risk to human life is not optional, and our mandatory safety training modules have helped prevent accidents around the world.

Worksite Safety

Safety is at the heart of every project, every office and every individual associated with Sterlite Power. Here’s a quick safety reckoner for all our employees, customers and partners – now and in the future.

Mandatory Boot Camp

Safety training for our workforce is mandatory. We know that right training can make a huge difference in life-threatening situations. Our boot camps ensure that our workforce is ready for all the challenges when they step out into the field.


Setting up transmission infrastructure around the world requires a strong focus on quality, reliability and a safe work environment. Transmission lines go through extreme stresses, such as floods, earthquakes, strong winds and rain, while they need to stand the test of time.

QHSE Policy Download (PDF)


Safety Handbook (PDF)


ISO Certificates (PDF)


IMS Management Certification (PDF)



No future can be built without a strong and empowered community. While our efforts in the field of transmission will provide access to reliable electricity, our ability to connect to the remotest of communities and help them progress makes us incredibly proud.

Religious Beliefs and Biodiversity Conservation

Nature worship is an ancient tradition in India and all forms of life are considered sacred. This belief is intimately linked with some tribal communities in India that continue to believe trees to be sacred..


Sterlite Power is a leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider globally, focused on addressing complex challenges in the sector by tackling the key constraints of time, space and capital in a sustainable way.

We strongly believe that access to reliable power should be a fundamental right for every individual globally. Our believe is further strengthened by UN’s sustainable development goals which talks about universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy.