Sterlite Power launches high performance, ultra low sag carbon composite core conductor: ACCC Ganga ULS

January 20 2020

Sterlite Power

Sterlite Power, a leading global player in power transmission, has launched a carbon composite core conductor solution that will help utilities overcome their toughest transmission constraints across long span river crossings. ACCC ULS Ganga, a High-Performance Low Sag conductor was developed to address the dual challenge of keeping the sag low, while maintaining the same power transfer capacity of the conductor. The weight of the conductor also remains low, with minimum pressure exerted on the towers.

The ACCC Ganga ULS conductor has been successfully deployed on a 400kV Quad line, across river Ganga, connecting North Earthen and Eastern Grids to the National Grid. This is the longest river crossing with a HPC conductor on a 400kV line.

“Sterlite Power’s specially designed ACCC ULS Ganga conductor coupled with strong and proven execution capabilities will result in savings of time, space and cost for our customers. This solution eliminates the need for carrying out piling operations for a foundation in the middle of a riverbed,” according to Manish Agarwal, CEO, Solutions Business, Sterlite Power.

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