Sterlite Grid commissions 1500-crore Jabalpur Transmission Project

September 19 2015

Sterlite Power

Marking the largest investment by a private company in the transmission sector, Sterlite Power Grid Ventures (Sterlite Grid), a subsidiary of Pune-based Sterlite Technologies, commenced its Jabalpur transmission project.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 1,500 crore and it would facilitate evacuation of 5,000 Mw (megawatt) of power in north and west transmission corridor. The company said the Dharamjaygarh-Jabalpur line would strengthen transmission capacity from power generating plants in Chhattisgarh and Odisha to key load centres in western and northern region.

Due to over generation and lack of synchronised transmission, these regions suffer from power-supply congestion.

“Besides eliminating bottlenecks in connecting power producers and distribution entities, the project would ensure stability and reliability of the grid,” said Pravin Agarwal, chairman, Sterlite Grid.

By commissioning all the elements of the Jabalpur project, Sterlite Grid has become the first private developer to complete 765 kV double-circuit transmission system, the firm said.

The company has three more projects in the pipeline.