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Our Belief: A great culture is a foundation for success.

At Sterlite Power, we understand that the congenial work environment not only stimulates innovation and efficiency but also increases output. Hence, we foster the culture that is more focused on performance, ensues thought leadership, and encourages dynamic experiences. Our commitment to bring in more and more constructive results entails the need to work with a dynamic and vibrant workforce.  It is an established fact that people are organisation’s business assets but what’s more important is understanding the fact that right people at right place holds the key to a larger part of the success of the organisation Therefore, all our efforts are streamlined together to bring smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds, and where you could bring your whole self to work. We have built one of the youngest teams in the infrastructure sector to execute and operate critical transmission projects equipped with advanced technologies. Our structured initiatives identify top talent and provide constant learning while also offering capability building opportunities to all the employees.

Top Leadership Values & Behaviors that determine the ways of working with Sterlite Power:
Social Impact

We are in a business that empowers sustainable energy to endow our society with a brighter future tomorrow. We want our workforce that is bold and is committed to our core values. We constantly work towards building a place that enables employees to sustain and strengthen the group’s spirit of entrepreneurship — taking ownership and accountability for their actions also. As of this day, when people are working under pressure and extracting the best out of themselves also aligned with the thought that their work is contributing to the greater good of the world, then they want their workplaces to be fun, not stressful, given how many hours of their lives they will spend there. Hence, we rave about our friendly, supportive culture and the training programs for the career growth. We are in the pursuit of providing a workplace that ensures we respect one another and that each of us has the opportunity to grow and contribute at our greatest potential.

Our core purpose, of empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery, acts as an enabler to work in all oneness and bring forth the best of the products and innovations in the arena of The Power Transmissions.

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